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The Votronic Dual Battery Computer/Monitor safegaurds your lead acid or Lithium battery from inadvertent total discharge.

The Shunt is used by the computer to measure the current.  

There are three options available:

  1. LCD100S - 12V/24V Battery computer/monitor with 100A shunt and 5m plug n play cable
  2. LCD200S - 12V/24V Battery computer/monitor with 200A shunt and 5m plug n play cable
  3. LCD400S - 12V/24V Battery computer/monitor with 400A shunt and 5m plug n play cable

LCD Dual Battery Computer/Monitor with shunt

by Votronic

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​​The LCD Dual Battery Computer/monitor is suitable for all battery types (acid, gel, AGM, lithium adjustable) with 12 V and 24 V battery voltage.


  • Dual battery input (both for RV and car)
  • Voltage (V) and current (A) for first battery
  • remaining capacity % and Amp hours (Ah) for first battery
  • A level bar graph indicating the SOC of the battery
  • History log for professional analysis
  • Voltage (V) for second battery
  • Settings for all battery types  (selectable for flooded, Gel AGM and Lithium)
  • Suitable for 12V and 24V battery voltage system
  • Very easy setting up with only 4 - 6 steps


  • Measuring shunt (100A, 200A or 400A) with maximum 10 times current in 5 seconds;
  • Display unit;
  • Ground strap;
  • Connection cable of 5 m length;
  • fuse holder;
  • Flat plug fuse 3A;
  • Fastening screws;
  • Operating manual;
  • Drilling jig; 
  • 5 metres plug-and-play cable that connects display unit and shunt.

Display Dimensions (WxHxD): 80 x 85 x 21 mm
Shunt dimensions (WxHxD): 150 x 35 x 30 mm

​​Brand:  Votronic (made in Germany)

Warranty:  2 years


LCD Dual Battery Computer/Monitor

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