Remote Control Units, Displays/Monitors and Interface Cables

A battery monitor calculates ampere hours consumed and the state of charge of a battery.  It can safegaurd your lead acid or lithium battery from inadvertent total discharge. total discharge

Enerdrive ePRO HV Model

with shunt and LCD display

Victron VE.Direct to USB interface

Connects products with a VE.Direct connection to PC

RRP $50.60

Votronic Bluetooth-Connector S-BC - App is German Language Only

Connects MPP, Shunt and Displays using the App

RRP $299.00

Votronic Data Extension Cable 5m (call for any other length)

RJ12 connectors, with 6-core modular cable

Victron VE.Bus Smart Dongle

Bluetooth to VE.Bus products & temperature sensor

RRP $140.80

Victron VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle

Bluetooth to MPPT or BMV battery monitor

RRP $92.40

Victron Temperature sensor QUA/PMP/Venus GX

For the Quattro, Multiplus and Venus GX