Aoboet Uhome 6.8kWh NCA LV

Using Panasonic manufactured cell
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Not suitable for mobile applications.
Energy storage system for households and small commercial businesses to store excess power generated by solar for late use
Lithium battery storage parameters
Total energy capacity of current product  is 6.8 kWh
Under Aobo’s own brand- AOBOET which is registered in Australia
Obtain all necessary certifications such as TUV(IEC 62619)
Using Panasonic manufactured cell
Using Aobo self-developed Battery Management System
Module design to support 100 kWh for commercial applications
Aobo self-developed APP complements the product for easy monitoring by both customers and Aobo. The APP enables Aobo to provide proactive after-sales services.


Uhome-NCA 6.8kWh/LV Energy Storage Battery Warranty
This warranty specified below applies to Home-NCA 6.8kWh/LV battery supplied by AOBOET to consumer through authorized reseller.

1. Purpose
The purpose of this warranty is to define the matters related to warranty policy of products.

2. Warranty Condition
2.1 Warranty Period
The Warranty as the accessory of Uhome-NCA 6.8kWh/LV is valid for 10 years (5years for free + 5years appropriate transport costs) from the first installation date (the “Period of Performance Guarantee”).
2.2 Limitation of Warranty scope
Under this Warranty, AOBOET is responded to product replacement, repair, refund and compensation. Repaired product is warranted for the remainder of the original Period of Performance Guarantee. In any event, the replaced battery shall not justify the renewal of the Period of Performance Guarantee.
2.3 Exclusion of Warranty
Damage or injure to the Products resulting from any of following activities is NOT covered by this Warranty:
- Incorrect transportation, storage, installation or wiring by consumer or installer;
- Anyone else not authorized by AOBOET to modify, disassemble, repair or replace the product;
- Without compliance AOBOET’s official user manual to install battery;
- Unusual physical or electrical stress caused by Force majeure, such as power failure surges, inrush current, lightning, flood, fire, accidental breakage, etc.;

3. Performance Warranty (Standard)
AOBOET guarantees that the Nominal Energy of Uhome-NCA 6.8kWh/LV battery still remains at least 60% either 10years after the date of the initial installation or minimum 21MWh since the battery is operated under a normal use followed by the specification and the user manual provided by AOBOET.
Capacity measurement condition (referenced IEC: 62619)
Ambient temperature: 25 ± 2℃
Total energy/Usable energy measured under specific conditions from AOBOET 0.2CC-CV at DC side.

4. Warranty Policy
If product damaged and not caused by distributor, seller and consumer, AOBOET would provide charged service and all the expense for free.

5. About Service Products/Parts
Service product or accessory could be used as new or refurbished condition and AOBOET guaranteed which performance is equal to or higher than replaced device. If the product is no longer sold in the market, AOBOET would replace it with different kind of product with equal or higher functions and performances, or the residual annual depreciation value of the buyer paid price within the time limit for performance guarantee. 

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