75W - Black, ETFE, Textured; solder tabs underneath, 1038x393x3mm, 3 cell wide

Geniune SunPower MAXEON GEN II cells and ETFE top layer

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Installation requirements

  1. These panels must be installed with an air gap directly the panel under to limit the upper operating temperature of the panel.
  2. The mounting surface or roof must also be rigid, for example:
  • Composite panel of rigid foam with a fibreglass or aluminium skin/surface
  • Rigid metal (not thin that can flex with temperature)

Contact Solar 4 RVs for any other surface.

  1. The air gap can be created as shown below.  Twin-wall polycarbonate can be cut into strips with a very sharp Stanley knife at most 500mm long with 3 complete flutes as shown below.  The limit of 500mm and “expansion gaps” between the strips minimises stress on the panel due to thermal expansion and cycling.




Attach 3M 4941 tape to top and bottom of the TWP as shown below:


Attach the strips to the underside of the panel as shown below:



Use fasteners at the corners of the leading edge of each panel to prevent the tendency of the front edge lifting at highway speeds.The white space in the corner panels and between cells can be used for this – thoroughly apply silicone to prevent moisture ingress.



Aluminium channel may be used instead of the TWP shown here.


It is a requirement that these panels are installed as described.  This method includes an air gap to reduce thermal expansion which stresses the panel thus maximising service life and minimising the possibility of premature failure of the panels.


RADpower Premium
Sizes Weight Number of Cells Voc - Open Circuit Voltage Vmp - Maximum Power Voltage Imp - Maximum Power Voltage Isc -Short Circuit  Current
75W 1.6 21 15.6 13.2 5.6 6.1



Product Function and Performance

Product Weight and Dimensions

Unit Length 1.038m
Unit Height 0.003m
Unit Width 0.393m

Shipping Weight and Dimensions

Shipping Weight 3.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.393m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 1.038m
Shipping Cubic 0.061190m3

1 year

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