2x 200W Exotronic Fixed Panel Configurable Combo/Bundle Kit

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Configuring a solar system to run your caravan/campervan fridge and lighting system needn’t be confusing. Solar 4 RVs has designed this kit to include everything needed to charge your house battery and keep the basic appliances running. Simply choose which brand and accessories you want with your panels. These kits are even easy enough to DIY providing you have the right set of tools.

Kit Inclusions

This kit includes:

  • 3x 200W Exotronic fixed solar panels
  • 1x MAXI Fuse and fuse holder
  • 5x MC4 connector pair
  • 1x MC4 'h' branch connector
  • 1x Set of connectors to connect the cable between the solar panel and battery
  • 3x Set of four black aluminium mounting brackets
  • 2x 300mL tube of white Fix15 MS Polymer (adhering the brackets to the roof)

Solar Cable Length (Solar Panel to Solar Charge Controller)

6mm2 PV1-F UV stable double insulated pair cable is used to connect the panels to the solar charge controller

Cable Entry Cover 

Select the most appropriate cable entry cover for your vehicle

Solar Charge Controller

Select the appropriate controller for your application:

The Votronic charge controllers have a trickle charge output for the starter battery

The Victron MPPT (not PWM) include Bluetooth

Solar Charge Controller Display Option

The Votronic charge controllers can use the Votronic MPPT display

The Victron MPPT (not PWM) can use the Victron MPPT display

Battery Cable Length (Solar Charge Controller to Battery)

6 B&S twin double sheathed automotive cable is used between the charge controller and the battery

Battery Monitor

A battery monitor is a handy device that will display the state of charge of your battery even while its being charged.  They also show data such as, current in/out, battery voltage, time until discharged/recharged


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