12V GLV ISO DC Converter Enerdrive

7.5G, 12G, 12.5G, 15G, 25G Variaties

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12/12 15A GLV ISO DC Converter Enerdrive 12/12 15A GLV ISO DC Converter Enerdrive
Galvanic isolation
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Quality DC To DC Converters Featuring Galvanic
Isolated Input And Output Terminals.

The ePOWER DC to DC galvanic isolation converters are interference free
resulting in stable, reliable and efficient power supply. These compact
and rugged units omit little heat making them safe and convenient for
installation where space is hard to come by. Enerdrive’s DC to DC galvanic
isolation converters use Switch Mode technology with protection against
over-current / overload, over-heating, over-voltage and reverse polarity
connection. Units can be paralleled multiple times to increase overall
output. Models with 27.6V output can also be used as a 24V battery

• Recreational vehicles
• Commercial vehicles
• Industrial systems
• Communication vehicles
• Maritime applications
• Aviation applications




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