100W to 400W Flexible Panel Kit - eArche

Select up to 400W using multiple 100W panels

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Configuring a solar system to run your caravan/campervan fridge and lighting system needn’t be confusing. Solar 4 RVs has designed this kit to include everything needed to charge your house battery and keep the basic appliances running. Simply choose the required number of panels based on the size of your fridge then select the appropriate accessories. These kits are even easy enough to DIY providing you have the right set of tools.

This eArche kit can be configured up to 400W and can contain all components required to connect multiple 100W eArche panels to an AGM or lithium battery. The initial selection includes all components required for a two panel kit, ideal for RV's and boats.  Wiring diagrams, instructions and lifetime phone call support provided on all kits.

Rule of thumb PV sizing:

  • 100W - Up to a 40L fridge
  • 200W - Up to a 70L fridge or 40L freezer
  • 300W - Up to a 130L fridge or 90L fridge/freezer
  • 400W - Up to a 170L fridge or 130L fridge/freezer

Panel Type

The 100W Frameless eArche panels can have the junction boxes on top or underneath: 

Junction Box Underneath (1.8kg, 1185 x 533 x 2mm)  (Installed height is 16.9mm to the top of the panel)

Junction Box On Top (1.8kg, 1218 x 533 x 2mm) (Installed height is 33.6mm to the top of the junction box)

Quantity of Panels

The vented gap installation kit is included on all panels for installing on continuous surfaces (valued at $30 per panel). This kit keeps the panel cooler which helps maintain efficiency as the temperature increases. It also allows for the solar panel and mounting surface to expand and contract according to their coefficients of thermal expansion, improving the life of both items.

IP67, UV stable MC4 connections are provided to connect the panels.  6mm2 PV1-F UV stable double insulated cable is used to extend the panel leads.

  • 1 Panel   - Includes one MC4 pair (Valued $8)
  • 2 Panels - Includes five MC4 pairs, one MC4 "2 to 1" branch and 2m MC4 extension cable (Valued at $37.5)
  • 3 Panels - Includes seven MC4 pairs, one MC4 "3 to 1" branch, three 15A MC4 fuses and 3m MC4 extension cable (Valued at $143)
  • 4 Panels - Includes nine MC4 pairs, one MC4 "4 to 1" branch, four 15A MC4 fuses and 5m of MC4 extension cable (Valued at $222)

Cable Length (Solar Panel to Solar Charge Controller)

6mm2 PV1-F UV stable single core double insulated pair cable is used to connect the panels to the solar charge controller including conduit.

6mm2 bootlace pins included.

Solar Charge Controller

Select the appropriate controller based on the quantity of panels selected.

Cable Length (Solar Charge Controller to Battery)


  • M8 Lugs to connect cable to battery
  • Suitable fuse and fuse holder
  • Conduit
  • Bootlace Pins


Why when I remove all options does the price not match the 100W eArche panel?

When purchasing the 100W eArche through this kit the Vented Gap kit and appropriate MC4 connectors are included.


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