eArche the latest technology flexible solar panels


eArche is the next generation flexible solar panel with 10 year manufacturer's warranty

Lightweight yet robust they are perfect for caravans, motorhomes, yachts and other off-grid applications.

eArche flexible solar panels for caravans, yachts and other off-grid and on-grid applications

What makes them different from others on the market?

  • The manufacturers warranty is 10 years and the output warranty is the same as high grade rigid solar panels used on buildings: above 80% of the original power by the 25th year. 
  • Made with a Patent Pending composite material similar to those used in airplane windows.  These panels are tough enough to be approved by the Clean Energy Counncil for residential use yet they don't have a heavy, rigid frame or glass.
  • Edging that protects the layers of the panels.  The 2mm thin panels have either a 5.6mm lighweight frame or 6.0mm EPDM rubber edging.
  • eArche has obtained a series of certifications for reliability, including  


eArche accreditation and standards             

          The strict Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET);

          The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) which is widely recognised quality standard certifications throughout the solar industry;

          CE mark indicatings the panel meets the minimum European Union requirements for Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) compliance;

          Approval by Australia's Clean Energy Council

          CSA International certification for Canada and U.S


eArche lightweight flexible panels with 10yr warranty on motorhome    eArche lightweight flexible panels with 10yr warranty on boat    eArche lightweight flexible panels with 10yr warranty on shuttle


        eArche lightweight flexible panels with 10yr warranty on train    eArche lightweight flexible panels with 10yr warranty on bus    eArche lightweight flexible panels with 10yr warranty off-grid


The panels are available with a slim, lighweight frame or with an EPDM rubber edging  

Both options provide a slim, low profile installation compared to rigid panels with a heavy frame and glass top.


eArche flexible solar panels have a lightweight frame

The 5.6mm thick black aluminium surround provides a lightweight bendable frame allowing installation with brackets to provide and air gap.  High bond double sided tape or adhesive sealant can also be used. 


eArche flexible solar panels have rubber edge protection

The 6mm thick EPDM rubber edging provides a lightweight bendable edge protection for the panel.  Installation via high bond double sided adhesive tape or adhesive sealant provides a low profile secure bond. 


eArche prices and sizes coming soonPrices and sizes will be available soon.   Stock arriving end end of September.