60W Flexible Solar Panel

ETFE top layer, textured surface

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60W Black Slim Junction Box 760x560mm 60W Black Slim Junction Box 760x560mm
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60W Slim Junction Box 760x560mm 60W Slim Junction Box 760x560mm
In stock

Flexible Lightweight Panel

  • Highest efficiency available - genuine A Grade cells are supplied directly by Sunpower to our manufacturers
  • Manufactured to our specifications - All Panels are tested for EL (electroluminescence) to check that there are no invisible micro-cracks in the cells.  IV curve test with flash sun simulator checks that the panel outputs the rated power.
  • ETFE top layer
  • Textured sruface for robustness
  • Lightweight
  • Install using double sided high bond tape or adhesive sealant.  
  • Eyelets are optional.
  • Zips can be added by your canvas maker - we can provide a piece of solar panel for a practice sew if necessary.



SKU RP604x5

Product Function and Performance

Vmp (Maximum power voltage) 17.6 V
Voc (Open circuit voltage) 20.8 V
Imp (Maximum power current) 3.62 A
Isc (Short circuit current) 3.8 A

Product Weight and Dimensions

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